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       This tutorial is for the complete newcomer to the game of Bridge, including when he or she is a complete 
stranger to a pack of cards.
       There are countless books on Bridge with all the squeezes, throw-ins and coups etc., but first you need to know
the jargon and the basic mechanics of the game. That is our object here.
In its simplest form, Bridge is a partnership game in which one pair, sitting opposite to each other at the card table,
play against another pair, sitting opposite to each other on the alternative side. They are known as the North/South
pair and the Easr/West pair.
If you have played Whist or Solo Whist etc. then you are on your way. You already know about the suits and the
function of Trumps, so you already know something of the foundation of the basic mechanics of Bridge.
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        If you have never used playing cards before, or have not played any version of Whist, then please
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