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ScoreBridge 9.11.56                25th May 2012 (updating)
Click on " Bridgemate " Double Click  in Space of table number
1 Click on " Players " 2 and position below " Number "
3 Enter players club number  Click " OK " 4 If not a member then Double Click in the space
under Name
Type in the visitors name. Click " OK "
Having entered the club members Number, the name
will appear in the BridgeMate Box and in the 
ScoreBridge list of names and thus in the Results.
The name will now appear in the BridgeMate Box
but not in the Scorebridge list of names.
This must be entered separately.
6 Go back to Scorebridge. 7 This will bring the ScoreBridge list of names with a
It is still showing missing names space for the missing visitor player.
Click on " Players Page "
Note that ScoreBridge continues retrieving.
8 Typing in the first letter will bring up a list of 9 Click on the Enter Key 
names of members and previous visitors whose  This panel will appear
christian or surname begin with that letter Click " OK "
Typing in the second letter will reduce the list.
 If a previous visitor then one Click on the name will
copy the name to the list.
If not a previous visitor then type in the name.
Always ensure that, when you click on a name to be
inserted in the lis,t the space where it is to be 
inserted is highlighted.
10 This panel will appear 11 This panel will appear.
Click " No " If correct Click " Yes "
If not Click " No " and correct
12 The name now appears in the list in RED  13 Click on " OK/Save "
signify a non-member Most Important
Always click on OK/Save before leaving this page.
14 Having clicked OK/Save the programme goes back to  15 Click on " Retrieving "
the ScoreBridge screen but retrieving has stopped. You will note that the missing names indication
  has now gone.