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ScoreBridge 9.11.56                25th May 2012 (updating)
15.5.12 Unless otherwise stated " Click on " means " 1 LEFT CLICK "
To Edit Score there are 3 ways
1 Edit any score from any round at the table where the  
 table where the correction is to be made.
On the Bridgemate Box press " TD Menu ".
Type in the " Pin Number "
Type in " 3 " (Erase Result)
Type in the Board number
Press " OK "
Now ask North to enter the correct score.
Have it Verified.
This will now provide an accurate % in the boxes
2a Go to Bridgemate. 2c Click on Edit Score
Results are now shown This panel comes up
Right Click on the score to be corrected.
2b A panel comes up
Text Box: Edit Score
Delete Score
Copy Score to clipboard
2d To change Result ( tricks) from 12 to 11 2e
Type in 11  Click " OK "
2f The score is now changed and will be reflected in Return to ScoreBridge
the % for the BridgeMate Boxes
As always returning from Bridgemate control 
Retrieving is continuing.
3 Change in ScoreBridge
Click on " Score Sheets "