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A convention devised by CHARLES R. GREENWOOD
   Charles was for many years Tournament Director at the Shotton Bridge Club and also, 
for many years ,a TD at the Deva Bridge Club now located in Christleton, near Chester.
   He was the author of the computer scoring programme used for many years at the Deva.
    This is a convention for overcalling a natural one of a suit having a two-suited hand. It
serves slightly different functions than the Michaels Cue Bid, and we see it as a device
which may be preferred to the Ghestem convention.
    TRIAD generally insists that the overcalling hand should be at least 5/5 in its two suits.
    With the TRIAD convention, over an opening of 1 of a suit, a jump overcall of 2NT
shows the two lowest ranking unbid suits.
   A jump overcall to 3 in a suit shows the overcalled suit and the highest ranking 
unbid suit 
Over an opening of 1♣, 2NT shows ♦s & ♥s, 3 shows ♦s & ♠s, 3 shows ♥s & ♠s.
Over an opening of 1, 2NT shows ♣s & ♥s, 3♣ shows ♣s & ♠s, 3 shows ♥s & ♠s.
Over an opening of 1, 2NT shows ♣s & ♦s, 3♣ shows ♣s & ♠s, 3 shows ♦s & ♠s.
Over an opening of 1♠, 2NT shows ♣s & ♦s, 3♣ shows ♣s & ♥s, 3 shows ♦s & ♥s.
   Newcomers to this convention sometimes baulk at the idea of overcalling at the three level,
although they have become quite comfortable with the Unusual Two NoTrump (UNT) bid
which will normally result in playing at the three level. TRIAD is like an Unusual Two NoTrump, 
but for any two unbid suits.
   We see a number of advantages with TRIAD.
   (i)   It is very easy to remember. The 2NT overcall is well established as showing the two
lowest ranking unbid suits, whilst any jump to three shows the suit bid and a second suit which
is always spades except when opener has bid spades, in which case the second suit is hearts.
   (ii)   it preserves the immediate overcall in opponents suit for the rockcrusher hand.
   (iii)  as you have the suit bid then the convention is legal.
   (iv)   it may be considered a plus point that, if partner should happen to forget and pass
at least you will be playing in one of your 5 card suits. It might even be the best contract.
TRIAD   by Charles R.Greenwood
2 LOWEST UNBID SUITS 2NT + ♣ + ♣ + ♣ +
BID SUIT + HIGHEST UNBID SUIT 3♣    --- ♣ + ♠ ♣ + ♠ ♣ +
               "             " 3 + ♠    --- ♦ + ♠ +
               "             " 3 + ♠ + ♠    ---    ---
NATURAL BID 2 ♣ STRONG    ---    ---    ---
 "             " 2    --- STRONG    ---    ---
 "             " 2    ---    --- STRONG    ---
 "             " 2 ♠    ---    ---    --- STRONG